You dream it, we wreck it.

EVS Wrecking a vehicle at Morath II

We hire only the best in the galaxy when it comes to recycling. Our team is well trained and our equipment is maintained at the highest level.

Please note our Conditions sections (to the right) which lists factors we use in quoting your recycling project.

Large Recycling Projects (20 or more facilities in one sector):

75.000 credits per square if you keep recovered RM + delivery

45.000 credits per square if Renew keeps recovered RM

Small Recycling Projects (less than 20 facilities in one sector):

Below are base prices assuming you have one facility to be recycled in a sector we are furthest from. We promise not to exceed our published Recycling Fee to assist you with a preliminary budget.

Costs to Recycle Individual Facilities (Renew keeps recovered RM)

1X3 Facilities

Recycle Fee: 350.000 credits

3X5 Facilities

Recycle Fee: 750.000 credits

5X5 Facilities

Recycle Fee: 1.200.000 credits

7X7 Facilities

Recycle Fee: Contact us for pricing

20X20 Facilities

Recycle Fee: 4.500.000 credits

Costs to Recycle Stations, Items and/or Facilities not listed above:

Recycle Fee: Contact us for pricing

In order to request a recycling task you may send us an email with all the details available, following our link below, or contacting us by DM in the tag: "About us".
Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
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Conditions to recycle an entity:

Each recycling task has different condition and characteristics. These listed prices are referential but other variables may be considerer such as:

  • Same planet, system,  sector
  • Access to the entity
  • How many EVS or GRZ required
  • Size of work force
  • Destination of resources recovered
  • Urgency to finish

Communication is the key to success. Feel free to send us the information required in order to prepare an offer.